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Wet n Wild Mega Haul

Wet n Wild Mega Haul

The wait is finally over! If you’re in New Zealand and love Wet and Wild products, then you’ll love the fact that the entire range of products has just launched here. Can I get a ‘Hell Yeah’!? To say they’re one of my favourite brands is an understatement. I mean who wouldn’t fall in love with them? Their products are 100% cruelty free, many being vegan friendly as well as being incredible products. But it doesn’t stop there… they’re super affordable too! I mean if these guys can do all that at such a low price point then I have no idea why high-end brands can’t figure out the cruelty free thing.

So to celebrate the launch of the entire collection being released at Farmers, I have been sent a mega pack of products to try out and let you guys know what I think.

So here goes… I’ll swatch each product in the order I apply my makeup and give you my first impressions for each one.

Photo focus face primer – this is super creamy and hydrating which dries down very quickly leaving a subtle shimmer on the skin. There is no scent with this product which for me is a good thing as my skin can easily react to the perfume agents, particularly those products used on my face. There is 25 ml of product in this and at first glance I can see this amount lasting me around 6-8 weeks of every day application.

Photo focus foundation – Just like the primer, this foundation dries down quickly to a matte finish. I applied this with a brush after moisturising, applied the above primer and worked quite quickly to blend in the foundation, I was super happy with the results. I usually wear a BB cream rather than foundation and so was eager to see how this would feel on my skin. It didn’t feel heavy or cakey at all and so I was pleasantly surprised. The coverage is medium which again, is my preference as I’m usually a light to medium coverage kind of girl.

Photo focus concealer – I found the formula of the concealer very similar to that of the foundation but a drier consistency. I usually use an oilier concealer which, lately, I am finding sits in my eye wrinkles and so this concealer couldn’t have come at a better time for me to try. On first impressions I don’t appear to have the dreaded makeup in my wrinkles and so far, this is a big thumbs up for me.

Photo focus pressed powder – I’m surprised just how much I liked this powder. Its super finely milled and so you can hardly tell its on your brush. Yet when you swatch it with your finger it has a buttery texture and doesn’t seem dry like other powders I have used. I am a dewy finish type of gal usually and so I was surprised by how much I loved using this. This will definitely be finding its way into my regular rotation of products I use on a daily basis.

Color icon ombre blush – this blush is super cute, graduating from light to dark it acts more like a coloured highlighter giving that subtle glow to the cheeks with a pop of shimmer. Wet n wild do highlighters so well and this one is classed as a blush but does not disappoint at all.

Retractable brow pencil – as an angled brow pencil virgin (I usually use powder, gel or pomade) I was afraid I’d draw on some super dark brows and end up looking hideous. However i’ll definitely be using this again. I’m a brunette and used the shade medium brown, which, is perfect for my complexion. There is a spooly at the end of the pencil too which helps to both comb your brows into place and blend product to achieve those perfect Instagram style eyebrows. I’ll be sticking this one in my makeup bag for sure.

Color icon eyeshadow palette in ‘Nude Awakening’ – Whoever sent me this palette knew exactly what they were doing… those colours are my all time favourite shades in a palette. Its wearable from day to night and would suit literally any complexion. The shadows are buttery and blend amazingly. The glitters have very little, if any, fallout (which is something which drives me nuts about glitter shadows). So far the pigment is lasting well throughout the day too… I have to check out the other palettes as I can sense already that I may just need to own them all.

Lash Renegade mascara – the packaging on this mascara is unusual as is the wand, but I have to say I like them both. I usually pick a mascara based on the wand and tend to favour a skinny, comb like one. This wand goes against what I usually like, as it has a comb like short bristled wand with a big bristled ball on the end. I opened it up thinking that mascara was going to end up all over my eyelids. However it didn’t, I actually found the ball useful for reaching my shorter lashes at either end of my eyelid. The formula didn’t disappoint either. Not too wet, not too dry… just right. So far so good with no smudging either.

Pout and tease Gel lip balm – this, like its name suggests has a gel like texture when it glides on. It feels hydrating to my lips and gives me a cute tint of colour. This one is in the shade ‘Tease’ and it’s the perfect wearable shade for every day. If you like a sheer pink tint, then I’d grab this one and throw it in your handbag for an on the go lip treat with a pop of colour.

Liquid catsuit Metallic lipstick – this formula feels whipped and almost mouse like when applying. I have the shade ‘Ride on my copper’ which is like a burnt rose gold shade. The coverage is great and unlike the matte liquid lipsticks it doesn’t dry down so fast. It actually feels smudge-able on your lips and creamier than a liquid lipstick. If you’re over super dry matte liquid lipsticks, then id give these a try. It may be the perfect ‘in between’ that you’re looking for.

Photo focus Setting spray – not too much to describe on a first impression for a setting spray apart from the fact that I love the fine mist the pump produces, as with other setting sprays it can feel like you’re being squirted in the eye rather than misting your masterpiece. This is definitely the latter and I promise to come back in the future and let you know if I think it makes a difference to the longevity of my makeup throughout the day.

So here we are at the end of my epic haul (I’ve saved a couple of products for another day). Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products yourself down below.

Until next time…

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