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My top 5 makeup tips for glasses wearers

My top 5 makeup tips for glasses wearers

In the minefield that is the makeup industry it can be hard to figure out what shades and products to be using that will suit you best!

I have decided to create a series of posts dedicated to solving problems that the makeup industry doesn’t focus on generally. So I hope you get some value from this and my other makeup tips and tricks post! For the first one in this series I decided to focus on glasses wearers just for all my girls out there who are rocking their frames on a regular basis to try and solve any problems you may experience with your eye makeup whilst wearing your glasses.

Here are my top 5 tips for how to wear your makeup if you wear glasses…

1)When you’re choosing your eyeshadow colour try to opt for a lighter shade and neutral tones. Keep it matte in the crease and add a light shimmer on your lid. I like to wear Addiction Palette 1.

2) Keep your brows on fleek! Glasses look awesome with a well-defined brow that has a nice shape to it. Try a brow palette, liner and/or a brow gel to keep those babies in place all day long. My personal preference is to use a brow palette.

3) Use a highlighter. This can be used under the arch of your brows for an extra pop. Use it also on your cheek bones and if you’re feeling fancy try popping some down the centre of your nose. Use a light hand here as we’re looking to highlight and create a subtle shimmer. There are so many great highlighters out there, I love girl meets pearl by Benefit.

4)Try a winged eyeliner. Not too big but enough to give your eye some structure and a little extra pop.

5) Add a brighter coloured eyeshadow or eyeliner to your lower lid line. This can give a fun and vibrant look without making your eyes look to small. Remember to keep it neutral on your eyelids.

One extra tip… use white or nude eyeliner on your lower waterline to create a more open eyed look.

Have fun and experiment. Remember there are no rules with makeup so do whatever makes you feel comfortable. As a glasses wearer myself I like to try out new things to make my eyes pop whenever I’m wearing my frames.

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