Mia Belle Collection – first impressions

As the world and I become more ethically conscious and earth friendly I am always on the lookout to make changes where possible. That’s why when I was offered to try out some of Mia Belles range I jumped at the chance.

The products have plastic free packaging, no nasty ingredients, and for the most part are vegan friendly. What’s not to love about that?

I dove into my package when it arrived and what impressed me the most initially was the cardboard tube for the lip balm. Not only is this recyclable but it’s also much larger than the standard lip balm size! Win, win!

The lip balm is thicker than my usual which I quite liked as it seemed to stay on my lips for longer which must be a benefit as they needed topping up less and were moisturised for longer between top ups.

The shampoo bar came wrapped in tissue paper and was a super cute pink colour. So cute in fact that my little girl wanted to use it straight away, so we did. I was surprised by the way it lathered into a foam with little effort and it did the job perfectly for both of us.

The conditioner felt really luxurious. I have used bar conditioners before and, although I liked them, this one just seemed a cut above the others I have tried. Having used it now for approximately 3 months I have hardly made a dent in it during this time.

The last product I tried from the collection is the Cream Clay Cleanser. I absolutely love this! If you have read my posts in the past you will know that I usually double cleanse and sometimes I triple cleanse favouring different products depending on what had been on my face during the day. This product feels so luxurious on the skin that I now use this religiously for my last cleanse so I can leave the natural residue to work its magic on my face before I start my night time skincare routine.

Overall I feel this brand is knocking it out of the park in terms of ethical, sustainable beauty that is cruelty free and mostly vegan. Whats even better is that its run by a boss babe Mum working her butt off to support her family whilst serving the planet at the same time!

So why not check out the website and have a look for yourself?

These products were sent to me free of charge with no obligation to write this blog post whatsoever, I genuinely just love the products.

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