Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint – does it really work?

I have to admit that I love a bold eyebrow and as such I have to draw them on meticulously  every single day. So when a product sold itself as a DIY home tint that lasted up to 5 days I had to give it a go.

I headed to my local department store and purchased the Maybelline Tattoo Brow gel tint in the colour dark brown as my natural hair colour is very dark I was unsure if i should go for this colour or the grey/black colour.

Maybelline tattoo brow gel tint tube

I headed home eager to try this straight away as I had heard some good things buzzing around on social media and i couldn’t wait to see what my results would be.


As soon as I got home I prepped my brows by using Garnier micellar water and then using my Take It Off NZ cloth with warm water to make sure there was no product left on the brows whatsoever.


I opened the packaging and read the steps, which were simple enough…


  1. Apply it
  2. Let it dry for at least 20 mins
  3. Peel it

maybelline tattoo brow gel tint wand

I pulled out the applicator however, for me it looked a little less precise than I’d like and so i applied it with a brow artists brush and I applied the outline of my brow with this and then filled in the centre with more product using the Maybelline tattoo brow applicator.


Looking a little dark and plastic coated my brows were on and now all I had to do was wait for the 20 min to be up. This was super easy as the tint stays in place and bonds to the brow area like a low tack glue and as it dries it does so by turning into a sort of rubbery film on top of the brows.

maybelline tattoo brow gel tint packaging

This brings me on to the removal which was super simple. I had left mine for approximately 30 mins and the film had started to pull away by this point and so i grabbed the end which was lifting from the skin and peeled off the brow which came off in one piece leaving a perfectly matte looking filled in brow. I did the same process with the other eye.


The finish was incredible! I had perfectly tinted brows which looked as though i had spent some time filling them in with a pomade or powder brow product. I was in love… now to see if they lasted.

maybelline tattoo brow gel tint results

For me personally I had to start filling in small patches from day 3 but found that some product was left on until day 6 when I re-tinted. I have since used a full tube and have re-purchased this product and couldn’t imagine my makeup bag without it.


I do still use other brow products as I don’t always have time to tint or remember to do it when needed but I love this product and would recommend anyone to give it a try for themselves and see what they think.


I really think Maybelline have changed the brow game with the tattoo brow and I cannot wait to try more of the range in the future.


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