Lip Sense review and first impressions

I was lucky enough to receive some Lip Sense products in my mailbox sent from Jessica Whitlock. I was given these in exchange for my honest review and so here it is.

I hadn’t really heard of Lip Sense before I was offered to try their products and so I didn’t know what to expect other than what I was told when communicating with Jessica. I was told it was a super long-lasting lip colour that could resist almost anything. I must admit I was intrigued if it could stand up to the test and so I agreed to try it out and give my honest opinions of the product.

I was sent a lip colour in Napa, a clear gloss and a remover along with lots of application tips and discount offers for any of my readers and followers on social media to use… (if you want 10% off then all you need to do is say I referred you and that’s it! No catch! I don’t benefit from this either, it’s just for you!)

The information I received promised up to 18 hours wear and so I thought I would put it to the ultimate test and leave it on overnight too!

I started by cleaning my lips with warm water on a washcloth and made sure I didn’t have any dead skin on there for a better application. I applied the colour and expected it to feel more like a liquid lipstick but it didn’t. it felt thin and liquid like however the colour pay off was even and it dried almost instantly. I wanted a more intense colour and so I built this up using 3 thin layers of colour in total. At this stage I had a matte looking lipstick that I really loved. Next, I had to add the gloss. It felt super thick and moisturising and left a high gloss finish to the lips. I sort of wish the lip colour could be worn both ways as I really loved the matte finish I got from the lip colour alone and this would add even more versatility to the product for me.


And so came the big test… does it last? I wore the product all day, through eating, drinking and kissing with no transfer, except for the clear gloss that is, and with no detriment to the colour. I added the gloss whenever I remembered or when my lips felt a little dry (as my instructions told me to gloss frequently) although I probably didn’t gloss as much as I should the colour remained. I went to bed with lips that looked as fresh as when I first applied the colour that morning and so it definitely stood up to the bold claims I was informed of. The following morning, I woke up with my lip colour intact apart from the fact it had started to wear off a little at the centre of my lips the lipstick was still on! I used the remover to take it off and it came off without any problem before I started my morning skincare routine.


My first impressions were promising and I would certainly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a super long wearing colour that would need to last them all day long. You will have to retouch with gloss throughout the day although this isn’t too much of an inconvenience.


Would I use this again? Yes, I definitely would! I’d be inclined to wear it on a night out so I didn’t need to worry about checking my lipstick and running to the toilet to reapply throughout the night.

Would I recommend it to others? Yes! Particularly anyone looking for a super long lasting colour that literally doesn’t budge all day and night long.


You can check out Jessica’s website here for more information and the range of colours available. She is also on facebook and instagram.


Have you tried Lip Sense or any other long wear lipsticks? I’d love to hear your opinions below.

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