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How to create the perfect matte lip

How to create the perfect matte lip

Matte liquid lipsticks are on trend right now and you may be a little scared to try out the hottest new lip look because you just don’t know how to keep your matte liquid lipstick looking great for longer than 10 mins. If this is you then keep reading…

The secret to keep your lips from drying out too much and cracking is all in the preparation. I like to exfoliate my lips with my favourite lip exfoliator, you can use whatever brand you prefer or you can even make your own, if you’re an avid Pinterest user there’s lots on there to choose from. I like to scrub my lips with exfoliator but then I like to leave the product on there for a good 5 mins to help to really moisturise and break down any tougher bits of dry skin before quickly going over them once more before removing any product.

Next I like to prep my lips with a tiny amount of serum to nourish and hydrate my lips before going on with any makeup products. This will do two things, firstly it will moisturise my lips and secondly the high concentrations of vitamin e and lipids will nourish your lips which over time will reduce fine lines and wrinkles so it’s a win win!

Thirdly I like to prime my lips to ensure that the product will stay on for much longer. The primer creates a perfect barrier between your lips and the matte liquid lipstick creating a fantastic canvas to work on. I like to use an eye primer for this job. Yes, you heard right I said eye primer! You can use any primer you want but this is just my preference.

Now comes the fun part! Choosing whatever shade, you want to wear for your matte lip look. I love to go bold with colours when rocking a matte liquid lipstick but there is a rainbow of colours and brands to choose from out there. My big tip here is if you’re on a tight budget and want a bold colour and a muted colour then don’t skimp on the quality of product you want to use. Simply buy the bold colour you desire and when you want a more neutral look you can add concealer to your lips and mix with the bold colour and voila! You have now got two shades! One bold and one neutral!

When you’re applying your liquid lipstick try not to over draw your lips too obviously. Use a liner to outline your lips and at this point you can choose to overline slightly. This will make your lips look fuller. A subtle overline can look fabulous but remember not to overline so much that your lips look obviously overlined.

Start with the lip line and work in with the colour. You can blot if you like but some matte liquid lipsticks dry much faster than others due to the alcohol in them. My preference of lipstick has no alcohol and so takes a little longer to dry. Once your lips are dry you’re good to go!

I’d love to hear what you think about this and my other posts! If you have any top tips you would like to share then please feel free to leave them below.

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