JSYU wow long lasting lip colour review.   


I have been looking for these and wanted to try them for a while. I have seen a few videos on social media where the wearer has been left with tinted lips, which are not too vibrant in colour but instead have a subtle tint which doesn’t smudge or transfer.  As soon as I saw them whilst out shopping I knew I had to try them for myself and so I grabbed a couple of colours.
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Radiant Blueberry Facial Sheet Mask Review


Anyone who knows me knows that I am partial to using different facemasks and I tend to pick a couple up whenever I go out shopping. However, I rarely use sheet masks. Instead I tend to use the traditional mud masks or peel off masks that I have been using since my teenage years.

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I’m not perfect, I’m just determined

I’m not perfect, I get mascara on my eyelid during the filming of my makeup tutorials and don’t notice until afterwards (see pic)
I think a big misconception in the social media world is that in order to be successful that you need to achieve perfection. I’m here to tell you that that simply isn’t true.

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